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Allstate Service 集团 has experienced, highly trained 电工 in Las Vegas to help you with any electrical tasks, both residential and commercial. There is no job too small or too large!

Allstate Service 集团 are the 电工 that Las Vegas locals call! 电 work is strictly regulated, and our company is 保税, 被保险人, and all our 电工 are trained with years of experience. We know the laws and what permits are necessary before any work begins. We take all the headaches out of residential and commercial electrical work. We will handle everything for you quickly, 有效地, 准时, and on budget. You can rely on our 100% satisfaction guarantee that goes with every job.

From home electrical issues to commercial wiring and even installing 备用发电机s, we have the skills and know-how to tackle anything you need. If your project requires specialists in 管道, 加热, 冷却, 或建筑, we have you covered there also. Allstate Service 集团 is a full-service company employing professionals in all areas of construction for both residential and commercial buildings.

家里电 安装s and 修复s

If you need to add outlets, install outdoor lighting, hook up a pool or hot tub, or move a junction box, we are the ones to call. When it comes to electrical work, we do it all. If your wiring is old and you need a whole-house upgrade, we can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and your needs. If you have an electrical emergency, we are on-call 24-hours a day. Along with our professional services you will enjoy our 友好的 customer service.


Never be without power again! Installing a whole house or business generator can save you in times of inclement weather or unforeseen outages. Our factory-trained technicians know all the top brands and can fix yours or install a new one quickly, 有效地, 和实惠. Whether you just need to keep the lights on, or your project is mission-critical, we will treat you with respect and get the job done immediately. Don’t trust your generator maintenance or install to anyone but us!


Commercial wiring jobs require specialized expertise, and Allstate Service 集团 has the background and experience to handle any job of any size. We are fully licensed, 保税, and 被保险人 and will coordinate with you to plan, 实现, and support your commercial electrical project with ease. We provide free estimates with our signature 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will happily work with you to find the solution that meets your every need. 今天打电话给我们 to find out why the Las Vegas locals love us!


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最信誉的赌钱软件 comes with a lot of electrical components, and often something goes wrong. We specialize in emergency electrical repairs, 安装, and replacement services for homeowners. We can also tackle any new electrical project you have in mind. Whether you want to enhance your existing lighting or add or change something else, we can help.



Backup generators give the owner peace of mind. Just knowing that you won’t be without heat, 冷却, or lights no matter what Mother Nature dishes out, 是一种安慰. Allstate Service 集团 has professionals who install generators regularly, and they can maintain them to keep them running smoothly all year long.



Commercial wiring comes with some challenges but not for us! We are Las Vegas’s electrical contractors, and we can handle any commercial wiring project effortlessly. We provide free quotes, a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and top-notch quality work. Trust us with your next commercial wiring project and find out why the Las Vegas locals love us!

Las Vegas Electricians

Best 电 Contractors in Las Vegas

电 work can be tricky, and it’s hard to know who to trust with such an essential item for your residential or commercial project. We are the only ones to call. Allstate Service 集团 simply offers its customers a better value! We strive to continually beat the competition in price, quality, and dependability. From our 友好的 customer service to our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we treat you like you are the only customer that matters.

If your project includes things other than electrical work, we can help there too. We are a full-service company 提供管道, 加热, 冷却, general construction, 重构, and restoration services along with our premier electrical service.

Allstate Service 集团 works off these guiding principles of dependability, 诚实, 完整性, 和负担能力. We work closely with you to find the right solution for your project, one that fits your needs and your budget. We have highly skilled designers, 电工, and technicians all working together to offer you a better customer experience. Give us a call today to see how we can help!

Need Emergency 电 修复s and 更换s?

No one likes dealing with electrical emergencies, but we are here for you. Dimming lights, power lines down, and faulty wiring can be dangerous, and you need a solution fast! Count on us to fix your problem quickly, 有效地, 和实惠. 请打电话到 , and you will be greeted with a 友好的 voice and routed to the right person to help. A trained professional will set up an appointment that works for you and get you back on track.

Whether your emergency is related to lighting, 管道, 加热, 冷却, or other construction issues, we have the workforce to fix it all. Even if we have to do repair work behind walls, we are general contractors capable of restoring everything back to normal as quickly as possible. No matter what complications arise, we can take the stress off you and handle them with ease.

With Allstate Service 集团, you get peace of mind knowing you are in good hands and that your project will be handled professionally, 有效地, 准时, 并在预算之内. Las Vegas counts on us as their go-to resource for electrical work, repairs, and new wiring. We are fully 保税, licensed, and 被保险人, so call us today! We won’t let you down.

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