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然而,拉斯维加斯夏天很热,冬天也很冷. 在这样的气候条件下, 炉子的适当修理, 安装, 而整体维护良好的炉是必要的. Allstate Service 集团 is your go-to place for new furnace 安装 and replacement and repair for your existing heating system.

Thanks to their efficiency and reliability, furnaces are one of the popular heating systems. Furnace 安装 provides faster and more consistent heating than other heating options. 但即使是最可靠的加热设备最终也需要维修. 这是我们的 专业承包商 好事达服务集团为熔炉进行维修, 安装, 以及拉斯维加斯的替换服务.

每一次我们都以做工精良而自豪. Our professional technicians will diagnose and fix any and all furnace issues from furnace repairs to 安装s and replacements. 今天给我们打个电话 (702) 518-4720 安排约会. Fast response teams will handle any furnace breakdowns, so your home can be warm in no time.



  • 现有的供暖系统相当陈旧
  • 每年维护炉子的费用都在增加
  • 燃烧器的火焰是黄色的,而不是蓝色
  • 炉子越来越响了
  • 公用事业费用随着时间的推移而增加
  • 恒温器调得很高,但有些房间比其他房间冷

如果这些情况适用于你, 然后打电话给我们的专业总承包商来讨论炉子的维修, 安装, 更换和维护服务.


采暖系统的主要类型有热水锅炉, 电动热泵和强制空气炉. 炉子可以用电、煤气或丙烷作燃料. Gas is much more 非常高效。 than electricity so it should be a top choice if you have gas lines already connected to your home.

使用返回管道, 炉子用来输送室内空气, 加热它,然后通过供应管道将热空气送回家中.




Both furnace types have similar parts for the blower and both use ductwork to disperse air. 区别在于热量的产生.


引燃燃烧器,使热交换器升温. The warm air on the outside of the exchanger blows into the home while toxic combustion byproducts flow through the exchanger out of the home via ducts.


金属线圈通电产生热量. When generated heat reaches the proper temperature, it is blown into the living spaces.

最常见的是煤气炉和电炉, 但我们很乐意与其他种类的供暖系统合作, 如电动踢脚板, 燃油锅炉, 强制空气系统, 包括管道系统, 热泵, 丙烷加热系统, 辐射供暖系统(地板, 散热器或墙板).


(702) 518-4720

We have furnace repair, 安装, and replacement services for homeowners and businesses in 拉斯维加斯, 北拉斯维加斯, 亨德森, 克拉克郡, 博尔德市, 春谷, 企业, 内尔尼斯空军基地, Summerlin, Pahrump社区.


强制空气炉比其他家庭供暖方法有许多优点. 以下是强制空气炉的一些主要优点和优势:


熔炉和其他强制空气系统允许适当的空气调节. In addition to filtering air, you can install humidification and air cleaning systems. 炉 are equipped with humidification – removing indoor air contaminants and humidity problems that may cause health issues or property damage.


初始投资后, 强制空气炉维修费用低, 维护, 和更换成本. Known for their longevity and reliability, furnaces have an average usage expectancy of 20+ years. 持续的专业维护, 熔炉将继续以高效率运行许多年. 煤气炉价格合理,易于维护.


强制空气炉与中央最信誉的赌钱软件配合使用. Using the same ductwork, the forced air system can also double as an air conditioner. 天然气管道可用于热水器, 烤箱, 烤架, 火坑, 以及其他电热器具.


炉 are commonly used and it is easy to find parts for furnace repair or replacement.


强制空气炉是高效率电器. 大多数强制空气炉使用天然气, 从历史上看,哪一种燃料是相当实惠和清洁的. 多年来,技术和创新带来了更高的效率. 煤气炉的效率达到90%以上. 电炉的效率最高可达100%.


炉子一打开就发出热量. 天然气加热迅速,使生活空间也能快速加热.


炉 don’t break down as often allowing for significant savings on repair and 维护 services.


如果管道系统已经安装, 然后你可以连接一个新的炉子,而不需要安装额外的管道, 散热器, 和护壁板加热器.


炉子有不同的型号和尺寸,使用不同类型的燃料. 你总能找到适合你家的火炉.


即使是强大的熔炉也可以有相当小的尺寸, 在有限的空间内灵活安装.


锅炉配备了多个安全开关,以防止火灾, 有毒气体, 和进入你生活空间的一氧化碳(CO). 作为一项额外的安全预防措施,安装一氧化碳探测器很重要.



一氧化碳(CO)是中毒的主要原因. 它是一种无色无味的危险气体,人类无法探测到. 一氧化碳探测器对于安全是必不可少的,也是家庭必需品.

It is important to install a CO detector on every level of the home and especially in bedrooms. 我们的专业技术人员将照顾所有的安装需要, with the highest safety considerations and in compliance with building code requirements.


一个赛季前 交流发动机的调整 你的炉子将在整个冬天有效地运行吗. 季节前体检有很多好处:

  • 延长设备使用: 适当的保养会延长你的寿命
  • 提高能源效率:  更少的碳和燃料使用
  • 增加安全: 定期的加热调整可以减少安全隐患并保护家庭成员
  • 最大化性能: 提前确定可能出现的问题,以避免重大维修费用
  • 减少能源成本: 维护良好的供暖系统消耗的能源更少.

Schedule your annual pre-seasonal furnace check-up and be prepared for the winter season. Our professional technicians are always available for heater system inspection or for 紧急服务.

在季节前的炉检期间, our professional technicians will check the heating system’s overall operation and inspect for any damages or defects. 他们将另外:

  • 调整控制
  • 清洁和调整燃烧器
  • 清洁和调整先导
  • 检查并更换过滤器
  • 检查皮带
  • 检查火焰传感器
  • 检查点火模块和点火器
  • 检查温控器和热电偶
  • 止回阀和调节阀
  • 润滑电机和轴承


If you are looking for furnace 安装 service in 拉斯维加斯, you’ve come to the right place. 好事达服务集团为您提供服务. Our professional technicians design and install heating systems for homes and businesses.

具有成本效益对比分析和免费估算, you will make the most informed decision on the heating system that best suits your needs. A thorough diagnosis of your current heating unit could reveal whether it is time for a new heating system 安装 to lower your bills and improve energy efficiency.

Furnace heating systems need to comply with safety codes – furnace, ductwork, and connections. Trust the 安装 nuances to professional technicians at Allstate Service 集团. Furnace 安装 starts with a comprehensive estimate and ends with an all-inclusive service 安装 per code requirements.

供暖系统不仅仅是你家里的一件电器. They’re something you need to count on every day for months at a time and they need to remain safe, 非常高效。, 可以全年使用.


加热系统类型 – one of the biggest factors, since some units involve much more extensive work than others.

旧系统拆除 如果你要从一种系统切换到另一种系统,这是一个重要的因素.

管道系统 – for 强制空气系统, ducts’ inspection will identify any repair or replacement needs

Our professional technicians will give a comprehensive estimate – with no hidden costs or surprises – considering your entire home, 包括窗户效率和面积.